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I. Introduction | II. UX/UI Preview | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

In the lead up to Yamfores public testnet, the team has decided to open up the UI/UX experience of the protocols frontend for the community to utilize, and gather crucial feedback. This also gives a chance for the team to showcase part of what they’ve been working on / are bringing to the wider Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

UI/UX Preview:

UI/UX Survey:

II. UX/UI Preview

Although the UI/UX components of Yamfore aren’t finalized, we felt that it was important to gather early community feedback and really begin fine tuning things before testnet and eventually mainent release.

The UX/UI experience of a decentralized application is critical when it comes to the enjoyment / utilization of the application. A decentralized application with a poor user experience is subject to unnecessary friction and many leave many individuals unwilling to utilize the services of the decentralized application no matter how compelling of a service it offers.

The Yamfore UI/UX preview is still in a work in progress status and everything is subject to change. There are no backend integrations, the focus of the UX/UI preview is to gather community feedback in strictly the “look & feel” of Yamfore itself. The backend integrations will naturally come with the public testnet schedule in the upcoming weeks.

Section Breakdown:

The Borrow tab allows a user to open a loan position through Yamfore.

The Loan tab shows all opened loan positions in a users connected wallet.

The Market tab shows all arbitration portals and the CBLP staking portal.

The Vote tab shows the governance portal of Yamfore and still remains a heavy work in progress till Q4 2023

The Order tab shows a users transaction history.

*Please note: All UI/UX elements showcased are still early in development and subject to change*

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, development continues without any notable issues. The team is looking forward to sharing our deliverables in the form of the public testnet this quarter. We’d also like to thank everyone that’s taken time out of the day to participate in our UI/UX preview for their feedback and support.

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