Yamfore Token Vesting Schedule

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I. Introduction | II. Vesting Schedule | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

This blog post aims to give the community a detailed, and transparent outline of Yamfore’s tokenomics & vesting schedule, as well as acting as a central point of information for any future inquiries related to the tokenomics of Yamfore.

II. Vesting Schedule

Tokenomics are an important aspect of any protocol, and if structured correctly, can serve as the driving force behind the usage of a protocol. This is especially the case with Yamfore, due to the core utility & functionality of the $CBLP token to the protocol. It is with this knowledge that the team has opted for a simple & straightforward, yet fair token distribution with a heavy emphasis placed on community allocation.

The $CBLP token distribution is community focused with 75%+ of the total fixed amount of $CBLP tokens allocated for distribution amongst community members. This will ensure that a healthy circulating amount of $CBLP tokens are present in the secondary market, and voting power is distributed in a fair & decentralized manner.

Yamfore is a community backed project with no insider token allocations given to venture capitalist, private investment firms or angel investors etc. The team has largely bootstrapped development costs since the conceptualisation of the protocol. The development of Yamfore has recently reached a notable point where the team has begun to set aside funding for much needed auxiliary costs such as external audits, community building initiatives, liquidity incentives, community giveaways etc.

This means that the team has begun to vest in an ad-hoc fashion from the 20% Misc allocation of $CBLP tokens, to cover these costs. We’d like to clarify that these sales are thoughtfully performed so as to not move the market price significantly, and occur on an infrequent basis. This influx of revenue will allow the team to cover the necessary auxiliary costs which isn’t factored into the cost of purely building the core protocol.
( Which is already completed, pending some minor off-chain work being finalized )

Community members can keep a track of all sales occurring via the “$yam_misc” ADA handle. The team has recently split the various allocations of $CBLP tokens with their own accompanying ADA handles to maintain greater transparency, and allow community members to more easily identify & track wallet movements.

Cardanoscan: https://cardanoscan.io/token/ee0633e757fdd1423220f43688c74678abde1cead7ce265ba8a24fcd43424c50?tab=transactions
Policy ID:

*Note: Anyone can easily identify the official team wallets by searching for their respective ADA handles. This was deliberately done to ensure full transparency of funds.

$CBLP Treasury ( $yam_treasury )
5% of $CBLP will be allocated for the $CBLP treasury, which enables individuals to indirectly provide liquidity to Yamfore via the $CBLP auction portal.

Community ( $yam_community )
of $CBLP will be allocated to the community, with all generated revenue going towards bootstrapping the stablecoin treasury via the Fair Token Offering (FTO)

Miscellaneous ( $yam_misc )
20% of $CBLP will be allocated for miscellaneous development costs. These included: $CBLP liquidity provision, auxiliary development costs, community building initiatives, partnerships, bug bounties etc

1% of $CBLP will be allocated for the community airdrop.

5% of $CBLP will be allocated for the NFBO event.

Development Team ( $yam_team )
19% of $CBLP will be allocated for the core development team, future hires, and team expansions etc

Vesting Schedule
Yamfores’ vesting schedule is simple and straightforward. The team’s token allocation will be fully distributed over two token unlocks: the first on December 1st, 2024, with 82.5 million $CBLP tokens unlocked, and the second on March 1st, 2025, with the remaining 82.5 million $CBLP tokens unlocked.

This vesting schedule is visually illustrated below:

There are a total of 165 million $CBLP tokens currently residing in the “$yam_team” wallet. This is a reduction from the original 190 million $CBLP allocated for the team, due to the early payout of our previous backend developer, Sean Sivakumaran. Our previous backend developer Sean, has unfortunately decided to depart from the team due to creative differences. This was under amicable terms, and the team wishes him the best in his future endeavors.

Due to many months of dedicated work, at significantly reduced pay, Sean has received his token allocation of 25 million $CBLP tokens early, without a fixed vesting schedule in place. Although an agreement has been reached for Sean to put a self-imposed vesting limitation of 3–6 million $CBLP per month, this does remain a self-imposed limitation, and is subject to change on his discretion.

Community members can keep a track of all Seans sales through his main wallet address, which is linked below:


Although Seans allocation represents a significant percentage of $CBLP tokens vs the existing currently circulating amount. This is only a temporary situation until the FTO event, which is scheduled to occur shortly after the public testnet launch. The FTO event represents the fairest way of accumulating the last major influx of $CBLP tokens entering the market. The FTO event introduces 500 million $CBLP tokens into the market, directly utilizing the fair supply & demand mechanisms of the NFBO, and evenly distributes selling power across the community.

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope this blog post has given the community a detailed, and transparent outline of Yamfore’s tokenomics & vesting schedule, as well as acting as a central point of information for any future inquiries related to the tokenomics of Yamfore.

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