Yamfore Roadmap

Yamfore Roadmap


I. Introduction | II. Roadmap | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

This roadmap gives a detailed outline of Yamfore’s development timeline. This roadmap focuses on the significant milestones / highlights achieved at various stages of development. This roadmap does not present any detailed specifics on the technical development side of Yamfore but instead, presents a general outlook of the major milestones expected to be reached by the team at specific stages of the project’s development. For the more technically inclined, Yamfore will have monthly technical blog updates.

II. Roadmap

Q1 2022 (Completed✅)

  • Initial protocol design & conceptualisation
  • Private feedback gathering / protocol design refinement

Q2 2022 (Completed✅)

  • Release Litepaper
  • Initiation of Smart Contract development
  • Initiation of frontend UI / UX design & development

Q3 2022 (Ongoing🔨)

  • Community Airdrop
  • NFBO ( Non-fungible Bond Offering )
  • Partnership Announcements

Q4 2022

  • Private Testnet
  • Public Testnet
  • $CBLP Treasury Bootstrapping Event

Q1 2023

  • External Smart Contract Audit
  • Smart Contract Open-sourced and available to community prior to Mainnet Launch
  • Official Mainnet Launch!🎉

III. Conclusion

In conclusion, this roadmaps outlines the essential milestones for Yamfores development to all community members. Please note that all given development timelines are estimates and subject to change.

Follow Yamfore:
🌎 Website: https://yamfore.com/
📚 Gitbook: https://yamfore.gitbook.io/yamfore/
🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/yamfore
🔊 Discord: https://discord.gg/FK5qtrmRE7
🖥️ GitHub: https://github.com/Yamfore
🤖 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/yamfore/
📧 Email: contact@yamfore.com



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Yamfore is a community backed lending protocol (CBLP) providing stress-free “set & forget” crypto-backed loans for anyone & everyone.