Yamfore Partners with Orcfax

2 min readOct 23, 2022


Yamfore + Orcfax


I. Introduction | II. Relationship | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Yamfore is pleased to announce an official partnership with Orcfax! 🐋
Orcfax is an oracle solution designed to publish real-world data to the Cardano blockchain for use by smart contracts. Orcfax publishes high-quality, structured data as Cardano eUTXO datum. It refers to these as “fact statements” to reflect their premium design over context-less data points.

II. Relationship

This partnership will enable Yamfore to source high quality off-chain data in a decentralized and permissionless manner through multiple truth publishers ensuring a high level of resilience as well. Yamfore, along with many other Cardano defi protocols will also benefit from the innovative “Cardano open oracle protocol” standard. The Cardano Open Oracle Protocol (COOP) is a set of technical guidelines that enables the publishing and consuming of off-chain data by Cardano smart contracts.

This standard was formed by the team at Orcfax in collaboration with Mlabs and aims to bring more cohesion and uniformity to how data is published and transcribed by oracles & DeFi protocols. All published fact statements will also be available to be queried by anyone through Orcfax’s permanent archival storage component, which is utilizing Arweave and KYVE. The added ability for anyone to view the exact source of any published fact statement in a decentralized, timestamped and immutable manner, truly adheres to the blockchain mantra of “verify, don’t trust”

III. Conclusion

In summary this partnership will enable Yamfore to receive the highest quality off-chain data in a manner adhering to the core values of decentralized finance, whilst also showcasing the robustness of Orcfax as an oracle solution to the greater Cardano ecosystem.

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