Yamfore Partners with Lending Pond

2 min readAug 12, 2022


Yamfore + Lending Pond


I. Introduction | II. Relationship | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Yamfore is pleased to announce an official partnership with Lending Pond!🌊 Lending Pond connects Borrowers with Lenders through an open marketplace where borrowers can offer NFTs as collateral for ADA loans, setting interest rates and payment timeframes for lenders to accept.

II. Relationship

This partnership will enable cooperation and collaboration between both protocols / ecosystems in the very near future. There’s a necessity to wait for regulation and legislation clarity, but after those clarifications have been finalised. Yamfore borrowers will be able to initiate over-collateralised loans against their pre-existing Yamfore loans via utilising their NFT loan deeds as collateral to borrow against in Lending Pond, extracting further liquidity from their crypto assets. This is only possible through community backed lending protocols such as Yamfore since a borrowers exposure in the protocol is completely passive and simply represented as an NFT deed with no requirements of interest repayments, margin calls, liquidation risk etc

III. Conclusion

The synergy formed from this partnership will enhance the utility of both protocols and enable further cooperation down the line to continually add value to both ecosystems and mutually benefit each others respective communities.

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