Yamfore Development Update #11

3 min readJan 2, 2024



I. Introduction | II. Progress | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

This is the eleventh development blog providing an update on the progress of Yamfore. The goal of this blog is to keep the community informed of the team’s progress and to increase transparency throughout the development process.

II. Progress

Testnet V2 Development Progress & Adjusted timelines.
As the community is already aware, the team has been unable to fulfill “around late November” timeline estimate for the launch date of the Testnet V2. We understand the disappointment caused by the revised timeline, however we’re happy to reconfirm that the launch is still very much set to occur soon and officially on track for launch in Early Q1 2024.

Some unforeseen challenges necessitated a timeline adjustment for the team, especially so considering the dynamic and ever changing environment of smart contract development on Cardano. Community members can rest assured that we’re confident in our given updated timeframe. The on-chain smart contracts have already been completed, with only the off-chain code remaining as the final hurdle of development.

The community can find the updated timelines in the official Gitbook roadmap linked: https://yamfore.gitbook.io/yamfore/yamfore/roadmap

Official Smart Contract Auditing and Mainnet Launch.
Yamfore smart contracts will undergo a rigorous audit by Txpipes immediately following the Testnet V2 launch. This crucial step ensures the highest security standards before the mainnet launch and FTO event. The audit’s duration can vary depending on the complexity of the contracts and auditor availability, and many other factors, thus no timeline estimates can be given in regards to this final crucial step. The team will provide regular updates on the progress and share the final audit report openly. The security of the protocol is our top priority, and we are committed to launching Yamfore with the utmost confidence.

The team recently ran a Twitter giveaway in hopes of growing the community and raising awareness for the upcoming Testnet V2 launch. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen surge of bots and fake accounts, the giveaway’s integrity was compromised, clashing with our core value of fostering a genuine and engaged community. Faced with this challenge, we made the tough decision to cancel the giveaway and instead launch a new initiative: the #CommunityFirstAirdrop.

This airdrop rewards our loyal NFBO holders who have demonstrably invested in Yamfore since its inception. It reflects our unwavering commitment to recognizing and supporting our core community. The airdrop will occur after the FTO & Mainnet launch, with the distribution amount still undecided. Until then, the focus remains on the testnet V2 and mainnet launch.

Here’s our official tweet on the matter can be found below:

III. Conclusion

In short, the team remains working diligently to bring the Testnet V2 to the community as soon as possible. We’d once again like to thank everyone for their continued support and patience.

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