Yamfore Community Airdrop

3 min readSep 20, 2022


I. Introduction | II. Airdrop | III. Conclusion

I. Introduction

The resounding success of the NFBO event has paved the way forward in providing the fairest distribution and allocation of the protocols utility and governance token, $CBLP. This has allowed the initial governance bootstrapping of Yamfore, amongst the most dedicated community members, evenly distributing voting power amongst hundreds of individual wallets. This leaves the community airdrop as the last token related development milestone for Q3 of 2022. This blog post will detail the exact mechanisms / allocations of the community airdrop.

II. Airdrop

The NFBO holders represent the earliest supporters of Yamfore. These are community members that have been the first to take the risk in supporting a novel class of DeFi lending protocols that has never been attempted before. Because of their dedication, It’s only fair that the interest / benefits of NFBO holders should be put first in regards to the airdrop token allocation. The Yamfore community moderators are another group of individuals that have been integral to Yamfore as well. This is a group of individuals that have voluntarily taken significant time out of their days to continually engage with the community, answer questions, promote civil discourse, and provide critical feedback to the team for months on end, without any compensation. In consideration for their efforts, it’s only fair that a minor percentage is allocated toward them as well.

When considering the current global economic conditions, as well as the moderate size of the $ADA & $CBLP liquidity pool. A “traditional airdrop” makes very little sense. This is due to the mutually beneficial aspects being completely forfeited, due to these circumstances. After consideration of all these issues, the decision has been made to conduct the community airdrop strictly amongst NFBO holders and the community moderators.

There are 10 million $CBLP tokens, allocated for the community airdrop. This figure represents 1% of total 1billion $CBLP total token supply.

The airdrop allocation will be as follows:

Airdrop Allocation

9 million $CBLP tokens | NFBO Holders:
A total of 9 million $CBLP token will be evenly distributed amongst the 1053 minted NFBOs. This equals a token allocation of 8,547 $CBLP tokens per individual NFBO.

1 million $CBLP tokens | Yamfore Community Moderators:
The remaining 1 million $CBLP tokens will be evenly distributed amongst the core community moderators of Yamfore.

A further 5k $ADA and equivalent $CBLP amount will be added to the Minswap liquidity pair to combat against any minor selling pressure. The community airdrop will occur on 09/29/22 UTC, and similar to the NFBO event, a policy snapshot will be taken on 09/29/22 at 00:00 AM UTC, with the subsequent token distribution performed within the same day (<24hrs)

III. Conclusion

We’d like to make it very clear that the main utility of the NFBO as a fair distribution and price discovery tool for the $CBLP token has been achieved. The team does have plans of doing a special NFT distribution for NFBO holders, but that will have to occur after development of Yamfore has already been completed (6 months+ away)

This “special NFT” should be thought of more as a “bonus gift” and not an incentive at all to acquire an NFBO from alternative sources at all. After the conclusion of the community airdrop, the value / utility of the NFBO has already been largely spent. We would finally like to conclude this blog post by thanking the community for the continuous support. Yamfore wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of our passionate community members and we’re grateful for that everyday as we continue building.

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